Before & After School

Grades K-5

Our Before & After School programs are meant to be the bridge between working families and schools, ensuring children's success providing an additional support system and helping students academically in order for families to spend more quality time rather then working on school work during family bonding moments. In addition, our before/after care program will extend to full-day care to those enrolled in our program during  unprecedented times for early learners with virtual learning difficulties. Therefore, parents will have the ability to go to work and children can still have a place to learn.

Before & After School K-5 Program Rates

Preschool Ages 3-5 (2 year olds upon approval)
  • 15 Slots Available 
    • Sessions 
      • 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM / 12:30 - 3:00 PM
    • Rates
      • 1 Session $300 Monthly
      • 2 Sessions $450 Monthly
      • Preschool parents who work all day may make arrangements for all-day times at an additional rate.

School Age Children

  • 25 Slots Available
    • Before & After School 
      • Monthly: $550 
    • Before School 
      • Monthly: $250
    • After School 
      • Monthly: $300
  • No enrollment fee
  • 10% sibling discount
  • Students enrolled in our Summer Academy & their siblings will be eligible for early enrollment to any of our programs including the Before/After School Program starting on August 18th

Program Requirements & Specifications:

  • Students are required to bring lunch and snacks from home as we do not provide food services through our program. 
  • To protect the health of our staff & students COVID-19 protocols will be in place and adhered to.
  • We assist with homework
  • We are homeschool vendor educators
  • We transport to and from schools
  • A parent portal is available for you to see your children in action doing fun daily learning activities with photos/videos and communicate with admin/staff members. 
To learn about our enrollment process click here!
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